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Booster Club: Last Meeting for 2015

Wednesday evening, December 9th, at 7pm

Shawnee Mission Northwest Room #154 (next door to the library)

The Football Booster Club will be holding its final meeting of 2015 on Wednesday evening, December 9th at 7pm in room 154.  Come see final financial numbers for the year and help us begin planning for 2016!    

Please email Booster Club President, Alex Goodpaster if you’d like more information: afootballjunkie@gmail.com


Congratulations to all the Senior Varsity Players. Your families and your fellow students are very proud of you all!!!

A tribute to the Senior Players: 

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Band of Bros


2015 Seniors

1 Robert Strain 8T5A0380

Robert Strain

3 Tony Bonsignore 8T5A0351

Tony Bonsignore

4 Brian Morelan 8T5A0382

Brian Morelan

5 Gerrit Prince 8T5A0343

Gerrit Prince

6 Ron Kopp 8T5A0370

Ron Kopp

10 Ian McCabe 8T5A0391

Ian McCabe

15 Blake Hill 8T5A0346

Blake Hill

27 Jack Treas 8T5A0372

Jack Treas

37 Tyler Holland 8T5A0363

Tyler Holland

40 Jake Honer 8T5A0385

Jake Honer

44 Devin Conway 8T5A0397

Devin Conway

48 Mark Petrie 8T5A0358

Mark Petrie

51 Saul Perez 8T5A0390

Saul Perez

52 Cole Johnson 8T5A0377

Cole Johnson

59 Cole Young 8T5A0344-Edit

Cole Young

60 Jason Barnhart 8T5A0352

Jason Barnhart

63 Patrick Guerra 8T5A0395

Patrick Guerra

64 Cole Dugan 8T5A0349

Cole Dugan

77 Carter Robinson 8T5A0383

Carter Robinson

79 Cale Harbour 8T5A0361

Cale Harbour

82 Malik Gilreath 8T5A0365

Malik Gilreath

88 Elijah Drew 8T5A0367

Elijah Drew


2015 Senior Managers

Manager Jordan Sumner 8T5A0355

Jordan Sumner

 Manager Kaija Dewsbury 8T5A0388

Kaija Dewsbury

Manager Trevor Rine IMG_9506

Trevor Rine